Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will I have to take my clothes off?
A. This depends on the therapy you choose, e.g. For a full body massage you will be undress to you underpants but fully covered with towels and only the area being worked exposed. For Reiki the only thing you have to take off is your shoes. For more details please contact me.

Q. How many treatments should I have?
A. This depends on what you would like; lots of people feel that 1 session per month is adequate for their needs where others feel they may need more. Each individual's treatment schedule is discussed and agreed. For pain related conditions I follow the Jing protocol which is 1-6, weekly treatments for a reduction in pain or becoming pain free

Q. Do your therapies work?
A. Yes. Many therapies have been proven to have beneficial effects for your health and many people have had no further recurrences of their problems, but it is not a cure and not every therapy will suit everybody.

Q. Can I come just for relaxation?
A. Yes I have many clients who find great benefit to their overall health just coming for a relaxation session.

Q. I have a medical condition can you help me?
A. I would always suggest if you have a current medical condition that requires you to visit your doctor regularly that you check with them that the treatment you are looking to have is suitable for you. I can offer further advice if you are unsure about contacting your doctor.

Q. I'm pregnant can I have a treatment?
A. Yes you can, there are many benefits to having massage especially in the later stages of pregnancy, there are of course some therapies which are not suitable so always discuss this before hand with me.

Q. Can you come to my home or workplace?
A. Yes I can, but I will need enough room to put up a single bed and be able to move around it comfortably.
For me to visit your workplace you will need the agreement of your management, and not only can I provide short sessions for you, I can also do this for your colleagues.

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